Live Meeting with Business General Director of Real Betis Balompié, Mr. Ramón Alarcón Rubiales.

“At Real Betis, we have a lot of potential things to do about many people in different targets in different countries that could be willing to come to our Stadium to do any kind of events.”

In Conversation with Mr. Ramón Alarcón, Business Director at Real Betis Football Club, who invites you to discover the massive growth potential of its iconic Sport Venue, Benito Villamarín Stadium; ready to welcome MICE Business and Corporate Travel Tourism.

Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions hosts a live discussion with Real Betis Business General Manager, Mr. Alarcón who reveals through a comprehensive and detailed overview analysis the stand-out features of Benito Villamarín Stadium and the football club’s ambitions as a Sport Venue to enhance its MICE offering to the international business market.

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Good working relationships are built on interpersonal exchanges, so we are therefore proud to share in-depth tailored content compiled directly from Seville. This content features reflections, opinions and comments which came from a face to face encounter with Real Betis Football Club at Benito Villamarín Stadium.

“The new Academy Center is also going to be a great new venue more located in sports, but you can do all the outdoor events you want because the facilities are going to be great. It is going to be sixty thousand square meters with parking with many, many things, so it will also be a great place to try to get revenue not only because we are going to try to create value for our players, but also as a venue in itself.”

Real Betis is committed to delivering an exceptional experience and developing future talent for the sports industry. In our interesting talk, we look a the club as a sport venue for iconic meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE).

“The first idea is that we have to think not only in the sports area, that is very important, but in the way in which we can try to obtain benefits for our brand to obtain benefits from being in the football industry and, of course, benefit from such an infrastructure that have. It doesn’t make sense to only benefit once a week when we play our game here at home.”

Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions embarks on ‘The Stand Outs Live Meeting’ with Mr. Ramón Alarcón Rubiales best business representative for Real Betis Balompié.  As a team of innovative entrepreneurs, at Real Betis Football Club they are constantly aiming to evolve their performance, developing themselves and their projects. They are now helping drive the global business and MICE tourism’s recovery while seeking sources of new income for the club.

As a result of these efforts, ‘the Green Team’ have consolidated their current innovations while implementing significant strategies very  to move their MICE offer forward . Benito Villamarín Stadium offers a genuine opportunity to maximize the indoor and outdoor facilities for the meetings and events professionals, to welcome more corporate groups and new clients from the MICE industry.

Over the course of 37 minutes Boutique MICE Business hosted a very engaging talk with Mr. Ramón Alarcón. He shared interesting views on the prime opportunities the club offers, its unlimited potential to maximize its facilities as well as the current plans of the football club to develop MICE Business initiatives in Benito Villamarín Stadium.

Real Betis Football Club provides exclusive areas, in a distinctive venue, for all kinds of training events, meetings, showrooms, conferences, and presentations. Benito Villamarín Stadium has diverse range of lounges, special VIP offerings and programs as well as value-added initiatives which the Club intend to improve due to the current global health and economic situation. Their goal is to become a referential sport venue for iconic meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) while maximizing its growth potential as a Real Betis top-tier asset

“We have the opportunity now, the gains because we have arrived to an agreement thanks to La Liga it is called The Impulse Plan.”

“In our Business Strategy, very linked to this idea of ​​project finance because we were thinking about Sport to create, to build a new academy center. We are going to start with the works in the coming months and it will be one of the largest academic centers in the South of Europe.”

BMB Visits Benito Villamarín Stadium, a Stand Out Sport Venue for MICE Business
Real Betis Balompié.

“We are also planning to finish the Stadium, Benito Villamarín Stadium is almost new it was rebuilt in 2006, another stand was three years ago and then we have to recover the last stand, we have to finish and to put the cover on and with that we want to create a new venue completely updated to what the market is demanding.”

“People are looking for experiences, people are looking for values, people are looking for something different, not just the traditional way of doing business; now we are selling something more difficult which is experience, that’s what people are looking for.”

“ I would tell to everybody to please approach to Real Betis, because here we have many things to offer, of course we have talked about the venue that we have, the football team that we have, we play in a very competitive competition and the matches are a great experience but the most important thing is the people that we have.”

“If they come to Real Betis, the experience they are going to have, even a company or a person, is going to be great, it will be something unique. So please approach to Real Betis, come visit us because it will be more than a pleasure to attend you, to guest you and it will be a once in a lifetime experience.”

and… Viva el Betis.

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The interview with Mr. Ramón Alarcón as well as the live recording of the venue, Benito Villamarín Stadium are also available on BMB Alive – YouTube Channel.