Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions (BMB) invites you to join us on an exciting overview tour of Hyatt’s portfolio of brands, as well as learn a little bit more about the ambitious and enterprising expansion plans of one of the world´s leading global hospitality companies including the most anticipated openings for 2021 in European markets. Recent brand new openings in 2020 and growth plans for the next few years that aim to entice the audience to feel and share the Hyatt Touch. The Company’s purpose to care for people so they can be their best informs its business decisions and growth strategy and is intended to attract and retain top employees, build relationships with guests and create value for shareholders.

Hyatt was founded by Jay Pritzker in 1957 substantially all of the hospitality assets owned by Pritzker family business interests, including Hyatt Corporation and Hyatt International Corporation, were consolidated under a single entity. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, global hospitality company offering 20 premier brands. As of December 31, 2020, the Company’s portfolio included more than 975 hotel, all-inclusive, and wellness resort properties in 69 countries across six continents.

Luxury hospitality brands and independent hotels strive to increase customer loyalty in an increasingly congested and crumbling travel market by aligning their brand identities with travelers’ lifestyle priorities. The image of the brands will now be presented in a more modern, courageous, intrepid, captivating, charming and alluring manner. Iconic hotels and emblematic resorts have exemplified embody unique and determined characteristics. Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has been consistently positioned at the height of the circumstances without fail, due to the company’s experience in knowing how to continue to be global leaders in the hospitality industry. Our fate is not to be still and static; since the beginning of time, human beings have wanted to know the world travelling also demanded and required places to stay.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has nothing less than a half-century of history, of innovation and visionary hospitality leadership based on caring for guests and colleagues alike. There are many Hyatt hotels in the world without so many years of life behind them, fascinating venues not only because of their architecture or design, but because the destiny of people and countries has been woven within their walls. Those stunning venues are more than walls, ceilings, and stairs; they speak of tastes, needs and customs, they portray eras and are a reflection of the culture of each moment. All have changed over time to offer the comfort that is demanded today. All in all, visiting any Hyatt property is, in itself a journey through history and time in which customers find a means to express themselves. The spirit of the company enhances the exclusivity, visibility and uniqueness associated with an image of perfection and eternity.

Hyatt is experiencing a considerable growth in its independent collections brands including The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, expanding its luxury and lifestyle brands portfolio. Strengthening Hyatt´s brand presence in strategic European markets, planning exclusive openings for new hotels in distinctive destinations as well as the entry of Hyatt properties into new markets.

Luxury hospitality continues to be one of the largest, most valued, lucrative and fastest-growing of all hospitality sectors; shifting economic, consumer, and societal trends present challenges and opportunities for luxury brands. Resisting crises, moving towards recovery Luxury travel is now more personal. Guests want to define their experience and have options, both on and off the property. Luxury hospitality is a transformative experience that changes something in each person and creates treasured /cherished memories, enriches our experience, and becomes part of our life story.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts blends essentially into its surroundings, inculcating a restful sensation and affinity. A Hyatt experience always offers unprecedented service, allowing its archetypal customers to choose from destinations in 6 continents that enable them to switch off, to relax, to heal and recharge their energies. Simultaneously Hyatt Hotels Corporation continue to immerse guest, members and customers into cultures, destinations that matter most to them. Each Hyatt is distinctive, individualistic, and special besides being preferred for Global Business Travelers for many reasons. Frankly, they are favorites, different from each other and perfectly reflect their local cultures and environments. There is a representative percentage of luxury properties in Hyatt’s portfolio; affluent customers as well as corporate business clients still travelling, aiming to increase frequency in a way that makes them feel safe.

  • The company is optimistic that the brand remains attractive to its broad customer base and sales remain consistent. It continues to innovate, to improve and reinforcing reposition. Hyatt Hotels Corporation remains focused on international expansion, aiming to grow in key markets such as Europe, as well as globally.
  • The leading brands  in Global luxury expansion : Park Hyatt, Andaz, Alila, Grand Hyatt, Miraval and the intentional growth of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt, Destination by Hyatt and JdV by Hyatt brands demonstrates Hyatt’s commitment to expanding these brands to key global destinations.
  • Hyatt Continues Vibrant Brand Growth Journey in Desirable European Locations. New Hyatt-branded hotels are planned for London, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Prague, Lisbon, and Edinburgh, some of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

Showing signs of accelerating the brand is moving forward during these challenging times. Hyatt Hotels Corporation is growing while analyzing and adapting to every facet of travel and hospitality during the pandemic. Particularly for the luxury sector/segment, creating a range of differentiated high-end, intimate, personalized private experiences and new offerings. Hyatt´s experience encouraging re-openings of many properties leading the top front in reaching increases on occupancy serving more refined travelers, cosmopolitan experimental seekers around the world.

Hyatt’s Timeless portfolio, Boundless portfolio and Independent collections combine all inclusive-service hotel brands, select-service luxury hotels as well as luxury wellness brands to ensure and maximize the experience at its iconic Hotels & Resorts around the world.

Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions invites you to discover through an overview, a tour that shows Hyatt Hotels Corporation portfolio of brands outlooking one of the most differentiated fine hospitality operators in the world; while adhering to its core values, the company reaffirms its own identity as well as its multinational footprint with its characteristic elegant essence. BMB aims to reflect, spread, and incite you to feel the Hyatt spirit.



  • LUXURY & UPPER-UPSCALE | Typical range 125 – 250 ROOMS
  • The Unbound Collection by Hyatt is a portfolio of independent, premium hotel properties, ranging from historic urban gems to contemporary trend-setters and boutique properties to unequalled resorts. The Brand believes luxury is defined by experiences.
  • A collection of one-of-a-kind hotels from historic gems to revitalizing retreats. Whether it’s a modern marvel, a historic gem or a revitalizing retreat, 25 properties worldwide provide thought-provoking environments for guests seeking a sophisticated yet unscripted experience when they travel.
  • The brand caters to guests looking for a sophisticated yet unscripted experience when they travel.
  • Each hotel inspires story-worthy and extraordinary experiences for our guests.
  • These properties are a thoughtful curation of stories worth collecting.

2021´s Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Europe.

  • Hôtel du Palais Biarritz, (Biarritz, France), will be the eighth hotel in The Unbound Collection by Hyatt in Europe. The only hotel classified as a Palace on France’s Atlantic Coast, will soon emerge from a meticulous restoration to further enhance the majesty and elegance of this exceptional hotel while preserving the spirit of its prestigious 19th century design and architecture. 

  • Grand Hansa Hotel, Helsinki, Finland (224 guestrooms), regarded by travelers as one of the best big city destinations in the world
  • The former Byblos Hotel, Mijas, Spain (205 guestrooms), will mark a significant expansion of Hyatt’s brand footprint in the country’s most visited region, Andalusia.


  • JdV by Hyatt
  • UPSCALE | Typical range 50 – 250 ROOMS
  • Embracing the brand’s original namesake—Joie de Vivre—is all about celebrating the joy of life.
  •  The recently rebranded collection of JdV by Hyatt hotels is a vibrant, independent group of hotels that are true reflections of the urban neighborhoods we call home.
  •  As champions of diversity and inclusion, each of its 14 hotels offers guests a community for the spirited, the light-hearted, and the young-at-heart.
  • A community for the spirited, light-hearted, and young-at-heart, the JdV by Hyatt brand offers a collection of vibrant, independent hotels that are true reflections of the urban neighborhoods they call home.
  • Each hotel provides an experience that is inclusive in spirit and space, welcoming all vibes, tribes and unique souls—effortlessly bringing people together with joy-driven service.
  • A Boutique Collection with heart that invites guests and locals to connect, live in the moment and celebrate the joy of life.
https://www.hyatt.com/ https://www.jdvhotels.com/

With a deep belief in the power of these independent collection brands, Hyatt plans to add JdV by Hyatt and Destination by Hyatt brand hotels in more locations that matter most to guests and members.

Hyatt plans for the Addition of Three Story Hotels in Sweden expected to open  in 2021 will mark the debut of Hyatt’s JDV Hotel brand in Europe.

  • Story Hotel Riddargatan,a JdV by Hyatt hotel (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Story Hotel Signalfabriken, a JdV by Hyatt hotel (Stockholm)
  • Story Hotel Studio Malmö, a JdV by Hyatt hotel (Malmö, Sweden)
  • The three boutique hotels will feature individually designed boutique guestrooms, vibrant public spaces and food and beverage offerings popular with both visitors and locals alike. 
  • With modern, Scandinavian design that reflects the edgy nature of both cities, the hotels will offer amenities for both business and leisure travelers. Fueled by guests’ growing desire for unique, differentiated experiences that foster genuine connections with people and cultures will all retain their individual hotel names and unique identities.
  • Boutique in size as a reflection of their urban locations, each hotel will offer complimentary access to local gyms during their stay. are ideally located at the heart of their destinations and each will celebrate the unique neighborhoods in which the properties reside.

Planned new hotel openings in 2021 across Hyatt’s independent collection of brands include properties in key markets across the globe. New hotel openings, rebrands, and executed managed and franchise deals in Europe within Hyatt’s independent collection and timeless and boundless portfolios.



  • UPPER-UPSCALE | Typical range 100 – 400 ROOMS
  • Formerly known as Destination Hotels, the rebranded collection was recently renamed Destination by Hyatt to reflect its global reach.
  • The Destination by Hyatt brand is a diverse collection of independent hotels, resorts and spacious residences that are individual at heart yet connected by a commitment to embody the true spirit of each location.
  • Ranging from upscale to luxury, each property is purposefully crafted to be a place of immersive discoveries, authentic design, and warm and welcoming service.
  • Each property is purposefully crafted to be a place of discovery through immersive experiences, authentic design and genuine service.
  • In more than 50 locations nationwide, each and every Destination by Hyatt hotel connects families, groups, and couples as an honored host, bringing both people and place together, enjoying a sense of belonging that invites all to make the destination their own.


ANDAZ Hotels & Resorts

  • LUXURY | Typical range125 – 250 ROOMS
  • Hotels are upscale lifestyle Boutique-style hotels.
  • Global in scale while local in perspective, the Andaz brand of luxury lifestyle hotels weave the sights, sounds, and tastes of each property’s surroundings for a distinctively local experience that stimulate the senses.
  •  Every Andaz hotel is a unique expression of the culture that surrounds it and enables guests to go beyond the familiar and satiate their curiosity.
  • Vibrant luxury lifestyle hotels rooted in local art and culture
  • New luxury & Lifestyle brand.
Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht https://www.hyatt.com/ https://www.hyatt.com/brands/andaz

Andaz’s Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Europe Currently Under Development.

  • Andaz Prague, Czech Republic (176 guestrooms).First Hyatt-branded hotel in the Czech Republic.
  • Andaz Lisbon, Portugal (232 guestrooms).The first Andaz-branded hotel in Portugal.

ALILA Hotels & Resorts

  • LUXURY | Typical range50 – 250 ROOMS
  • The Alila brand features luxury hotels in unique locations, distinguished by innovative eco-design and a strong commitment to sustainable tourism.
  •  Alila means “surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing character of Alila hotels, and the impression guests feel when they stay as a guest.
  • Surprisingly different hotels in unprecedented places.

Alila New Hotel Openings Planned for 2021 in Europe Currently Under Development.

  • Alila La Gruyère, Switzerland (85 guestrooms, 27 residences)
  • The first Alila-branded resort in Europe.


https://www.hyatt.com/ https://www.hyatt.com/brands/hyatt-centric

  • UPPER-UPSCALE | Typical range100 – 250 ROOMS
  • Hyatt Centric is a brand of full-service lifestyle hotels located in prime destinations around the world and is one of Hyatt’s fastest growing lifestyle brand.
  • Hyatt Centric hotels help fuel guest discovery, located in the heart of the action with passionately engaged team members always on-hand to serve up insider knowledge and provide local expertise.
  • New full service lifestyle brand designed for business and leisure travelers.

Hyatt Centric’s Most Anticipated Hotel Openings Currently Under Development in European Markets.

  • Hyatt Centric Reykjavik, Iceland (172 guestrooms), which is noted as one of the trendiest European travel spots. Will be the first Hyatt-branded hotel in Iceland.
  • Hyatt Centric Cambridge, UK (150 guestrooms). The introduction of this brand to the United Kingdom.

Andaz, Alila, and Hyatt Centric – Hyatt’s lifestyle brands – and The Unbound Collection by Hyatt – one of Hyatt’s independent collection brands – make up half of Hyatt’s executed deals in Europe. Hyatt announced its intention to grow by more than 30 percent in Europe, with a significant focus on developing the footprint of its lifestyle brands. This growth is fueled by a growing desire from travelers, World of Hyatt members, and owners for hotels that offer unique, differentiated experiences that foster genuine connections with people and cultures.


https://www.hyatt.com/ https://www.hyatt.com/brands/park-hyatt


  • LUXURY | Typical range 50 – 250 ROOMS
  • Park Hyatt hotels provide discerning, global travelers with a refined home-away-from-home.
  • Guests of Park Hyatt hotels receive quietly confident and personalized service in an enriching environment.
  • Located in several of the world’s premier destinations, each Park Hyatt hotel is custom designed to combine sophistication with understated luxury.
  • Residential luxury mid-sized Hyatt hotels in cities considered premier destinations.
  • Luxury hotels that exceed every expectation.


Park Hyatt New Hotels Expected to Open in Europe.

  • Park Hyatt London River Thames in London’s Nine Elms development, U.K. (203 guestrooms).
  • One of Europe’s top places to visit, which will be the first Park Hyatt hotel in the U.K.


https://www.hyatt.com/ https://www.hyatt.com/brands/grand-hyatt

  • LUXURY | Typical range 350 – 700 ROOMS
  • Grand Hyatt hotels celebrate the iconic in small details and magnificent moments.
  •  Drawing inspiration from each destination, Grand Hyatt hotels provide superior service and signature experiences within a backdrop of dramatic architecture, world-class restaurants, luxury spas, and spectacular meeting and event spaces.
  • Large luxury hotels in major cities and holidays destinations.
  • Destination hotels that celebrate the uniqueness of their locations

Grand Hyatt´s Most Exciting Hotel Openings in Europe Currently Under Development.

  • Grand Hyatt Limassol, Cyprus (300 guestrooms).


  • Hyatt Regency
  • UPPER-UPSCALE | Typical range200 – 2000 ROOMS
  • Hyatt´s flagship hotel brand that is mid to large scaled premium hotels and resorts with leading performance
  • The Hyatt Regency brand is designed for productivity and stress-free stays by offering seamless and personalized, high-touch experiences.
  • Conveniently located in urban and resort locations in more than 30 countries, Hyatt Regency hotels offer seamless experiences for any occasion, from energizing vacations to personalized, high-touch meetings.
  • Hyatt Regency hotels are intuitively designed to make travel free from stress and filled with success.

Hyatt Regency Collection by Hyatt New Hotels Recently Opened during 2020 in Europe.

  • Hyatt Regency Sofia, Bulgaria (183 guestrooms), opened September 2020.
  • Hyatt Regency Sofia offers a perfect harmony of modern design, contemporary artwork, spacious halls and rooftop event spaces. The hotel’s dynamic and attentive team offer empathetic, highly personalized service across ten multifunctional rooms.
  • The hotel also offers 15,800 square feet (1,468 square meters) of event space, ensuring the right set-up for every occasion.
  • The Loft provides event planners three distinctly designed rooftop spaces available to book individually or in combination, seamlessly catering to gatherings of all sizes.
  • The Living Room and The Den provide comfort, complete with a private bar and a suspended fireplace, while The Conservatory offers an escape to the countryside with its own rose garden terrace and botanical atmosphere.
  • The 5,700-square-foot (533-square-meter) Vasil Levski Ballroom, one of the largest halls in Sofia, is the perfect location for weddings, conferences and exhibitions. It can be divided into three separate sections and contains four built-in projectors and screens. Alternatively, the Botev Hall on the Ground Level is ideal for smaller meetings and events, with large windows that let in plenty of natural light and views of the lush courtyard.

Hyatt Regency’s Most Anticipated Hotel Openings in Europe Currently Under Development.

  • Hyatt Regency Tirana, Albania (151 guest rooms).
  • Hyatt Regency Lisbon, Portugal (220 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Regency Rostov on Don, Russia (187 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Regency Izmir Istinye Park, Turkey (161 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Regency London Olympia, U.K. (196 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Regency Edinburgh Marina, Scotland (187 guestrooms, 98 residences).


  • UPSCALE | Typical range120 – 200 ROOMS
  • Hyatt House hotels are designed to welcome guests as extended stay residents.
  • Apartment-style suites with fully equipped kitchens and separate living areas remind guests of the conveniences of home.
  • Properties are extended-stay residential and smaller to-mid-sized modern modern hotels in urban and suburban locations.
  • An elevated approach to extended stay.

Hyatt House Collection by Hyatt The New 2020 Hotels Already Open in Europe.

Hyatt House Planned Hotel Openings for 2021 in Europe Currently in Development.

  • Hyatt House Frankfurt Goetheplatz, Germany (181 guestrooms).


Hyatt Place Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport https://www.hyatt.com/
  • Hyatt Place
  • UPSCALE | Typical range120 – 200 ROOMS
  • Hyatt Place hotels offer a modern, comfortable and seamless experience, combining style and innovation to create a casual hotel environment for today’s multi-tasking traveler.
  •  From the lobby to the guest rooms to in-hotel dining, every touchpoint is designed with the high value business traveler in mind.
  • Mid-sized hotels catering for family and business travellers in urban, airport and suburban areas.
  • Select-Service for the Most Selective.

Hyatt Place Collection by Hyatt 2020 Hotel Openings in European Markets.

  • Hyatt Place Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (309 guestrooms), opened in October 2020.
  • Hyatt Place Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Hyatt House Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Hyatt’s first dual-branded select service development in Europe giving travelers the benefits of both brands under one roof.

Hyatt Place Europe’s Most Exciting Planned Hotel Openings Currently Under Development.

  • Hyatt Place Cannes, France (152 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Place Rouen, France (85 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Place Krakow, Poland (216 guestrooms).
  • Hyatt Place Zurich Airport The Circle, Switzerland (300 rooms).
  • Hyatt Place London City East, U.K. (280 guestrooms).
Hyatt Place Tallinn – First Hyatt-branded Hotel in Estonia https://www.hyatt.com/brands/hyatt-place

  • Hyatt Plans for First Hyatt-branded Hotel in Estonia Hyatt Place Tallinn will represent a significant milestone as Hyatt continues to thoughtfully grow its select service offering.
  • Expected to open in early 2023, Hyatt Place Tallinn will join the growing Hyatt Place portfolio in Europe; the 168-room select service hotel will be located near the Old City Harbor, one of the busiest passenger ports in Europe.
  • Situated in Estonia’s capital and cultural hub, Hyatt Place Tallinn will be near Tallinn’s picturesque Old Town, which is recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage site. The surrounding neighborhood is set to undergo a large-scale renewal project and once complete, is expected to bring more business and entertainment experiences to the area.
  • The Linnahall, a former sports and cultural venue, is included in this revitalization project and will be converted into a concert hall and conference center near the planned location of Hyatt Place Tallinn.

In 2020, Hyatt continued mindful growth of its independent collection of brands across the globe.

The Hyatt Place and Hyatt House select service brands remain a strategic priority with eight additional properties planned across Western Europe through 2023.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation  plans to grow its brand portfolio in Europe significantly by the end of 2023 with more than 20 executed managed and franchised deals for new hotels in some of the most desirable destinations in the world. These properties are expected to join 63 Hyatt-branded hotels across nine distinct brands in 22 European countries.

  • In the United Kingdom, which remains a priority growth market, the introduction of the first Park Hyatt hotel in London’s redeveloped Nine Elms district will further bolster Hyatt’s brand presence. Hyatt plans to nearly double its brand growth in the U.K. in the next few years, and this growth is complemented by strong regional demand in France and Spain – through the development of both Hyatt’s full and select service brands – as well as entry into new markets with the first Hyatt-branded properties in Stockholm, Helsinki, Malta and Cyprus.


  • Hyatt Hotels Corporation plans to incorporate a digital health passport into its events programs. Hyatt will first work closely with meeting planners to identify health criteria for attendees, which may include presenting a recent negative COVID-19 test. The criteria would be communicated to attendees in the app prior to arrival so they can fulfill necessary requirements. The app will then display a green checkmark for those who have been approved entry into the meeting or event.
  • Hyatt’s announced plans to explore VeriFLY + Stay, a mobile health passport for the hospitality industry using the VeriFLY app that provides verification of COVID-19 credentials and travel guidelines. This mobile app can facilitate peace of mind for in-person gatherings by providing meeting attendees and colleagues with a seamless option to directly receive and present COVID-19 test results. 
  • Tens of thousands of travelers already have confidently and safely verified their COVID-19 health status with VeriFLY since January 1, 2021.
  • These clever ideas demonstrate the enthusiasm of hotel teams around the world to power through tumultuous times with a spirit of innovation in hopes of a speedy recovery.

  • Choose the right venue, from wide selection of versatile spaces from executive boardrooms to ballrooms and conference spaces that can be tailored to accommodate your needs in properties ranging from the ultimate in luxury to the ultimate in convenience.

The global business comunity is experiencing that companies are not only looking at current profitability but also want to anticipate and have the ability to adapt to the transformation cycles  that we all have to go through as brands and companies evolve. There is presently more last-minute travel but also planning and expecting a time when future travel has fully normalized. In addition, a clear commitment to diversification under brands, growing through acquisitions to enter new segments and concepts, with a significant proliferation of lifestyle brands. The hotel industry faces impressive challenges and significant opportunities.


Before reaching the end of this coverage, BMB Multimedia Productions is pleased to share the exemplarity of Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and its strategic teamwork made up of professionals involved to achieve a main goal: to deliver distinctive experiences with the responsibility of being fully focused on enhancing customer satisfaction.

Honoring the excellence of Hyatt Hotels Corporation constantly devoted to delivering exclusive stays, providing first-class quality at the service of all those who seek to experience the extraordinary.

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Looking Ahead Hyatt’s Growth Plans For Upcoming Years

  • Looking Ahead by 2025, Hyatt’s independent collection of brands expect to welcome several new properties including The Unbound Collection by Hyatt brand’s entry into Japan, Thailand and Mexico, as well as: Hotel La Compañia, (Panama City, Panama).
  • Rancho Pescadero, (Todos Santos, Mexico).
  • The Barai Hua Hin,  (Hua Hin, Thailand).
  • A hotel near Mount Fuji, Japan, (Shizuoka, Japan).
  • A hotel in Tongli, (Suzhou, China).
  • A hotel in Hollywood, (Califorinia, USA).
  • All properties listed above are a part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation plays an influential and pivotal role in placing Elite hospitality experiences at the forefront of global developments that best represents the future of Luxury & Lifestyle hospitality.