Exclusive Interview Mr. Paul Cook Executive Producer EMEC 2021.

The European Meetings and Events Conference will ´MAKE YOUR FUTURE´ at the most conceptual event design by Europeans for Europeans.

“This EMEC 32nd edition is going to be very valuable because its doing is to show people a different way of holding events, for years and years our traditional events have been very much in-person, going to a physical venue, this is different because everybody is in their own office or their own home, the meeting and event professionals, everybody they are experiencing it but they are also to still able to get involved.”

“This is a different set of skills that you need to be able to put a virtual event on, it´s not just running an event you are actually creating a program.”

It is an honour for Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions, bespoke content provider to welcome and especially thank Mr. Paul Cook, Executive Producer at the forefront of EMEC 2021 development for making today’s exclusive interview possible.

 “MAKE YOUR FUTURE”  the theme selected by Meeting Professionals International (MPI) for its flagship event in Europe. The European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC) goes fully digital, being fully accessible, synchronizing with WEC Vegas EMEC 2021  will be preceding  The World Education Conference and tackling great challenges and opportunities by relying on the point reference of  Mr. Cook’s benchmark expertise, know-how, and extensive experience to produce the most conceptual event design by Europeans for Europeans.

  • During almost 40 minutes a revealing interview, a spontaneous conversation conducted by Ms. Fernandez BMB’s Publisher and Founder, Mr. Paul Cook expressed his views and comments emphasized reinforcing the sense of unity in these times giving technological advances a prominence that was already sensed, but that had never been as essential as now.
  • The appointed EMEC Executive Producer of MPI´s tailored and ingenious virtual new format shares the latest news/ updates on this incredibly, successful and award-winning event recognized as The Best Conference by Best Event Awards (BEA).  

“Europe has always been a strong market for MPI. We’ve got some incredibly strong leaders within Europe that we work with very directly to try and grow the brand, our presence, our impact within each country but also within the individuals to make up the profession.” said Mr. Drew Holgreen, MPI Vice President of Brand Engagement during BMB’s exclusive interview last year.

  • Paul Cook, a high-caliber professional who brings exceptional world-class experience and knowledge to the MICE industry also specializes in conducting and performing leading virtual and hybrid events.
  • Former MPI UK & Ireland Chapter President, writer, researcher, speaker and facilitator who looks forward to the challenge of delivering unmatched virtual production for EMEC 2021.
  • He is currently implementing important strategies, developing sole/ stunning event content that will undoubtedly generate impact on the next 32nd edition of EMEC.
  • Paul has enhanced the work of the Hybrid Events Center, of which he is the Founder and collaborates with top delegates and industry professionals to create the most impressive and remarkable online and offline experiences.
  • MPI is making its debut delivering the first virtual format for the European Meetings and Events Conference that has ever been produced till now. The event will feature a fully digital experience in which attendees will benefit from a meeting and business environment designed exclusively for them and from all the competitive advantages that strategically place the virtual presence at the forefront.
  • EMEC has long been acknowledged by the industry as the leader in progressive meeting, events conceptual design and development.
  • There´s no one better than Mr. Cook to cover the gains, the competitive advantages on why EMEC is a must-attend event for European meeting and event professionals, among many other exciting topics.

“I did some work on MPI´s Global Advisory Councils and was always a kind of a European voice, always bringing concepts over to the United States.”

“It´s going to be very exciting because there will be people that never come across MPI before and are going to like it and get involved. We are going to be able to show different applications. There are many different things that you can do in a virtual environment and that´s exactly what we are going to do on this one.

“What we are really seeking to do with this European Meetings and Events Conference is to show to people that it is down to us now. We had a really tough year, but now it’s enough, now is time for you to take control of where you want to be and also how could shape where this event´s sector is going but more than that where the event´s discipline is going.”

  • EMEC has been recognized worldwide as an incubator for innovation, the conceptual event that assists MPI to explore, to experiment and enable the association to replicate on a larger scale. The European Meetings and Events Conference designed by and for European members, to network, learn and experience things differently.
  • Mr. Paul Cook at the forefront of the development of EMEC 2021 is confident and have a clear plan, a plan to continue, to provide value focused, on the professional development of everyone in our industry.
  • EMEC will have much more access, immediate access, the association is exploring and investing on Technologies that will help to truly customize the experience.  
  • High-level concepts, resources onboarding, reinforcing value, commitment. Maximizing the usage of technology and rediscovering digitalization as very useful and powerful tools for the design and execution of world-class events. Benefiting all parties, the digital presence comes up front.

Boutique MICE Business exclusive interview with Paul Cook leading the EMEC 2021 production that promises to be eye-opening event and  will shed a new light on the benefits that invites the audience to better understand the new initiatives key challenges, developments and achievements while ensuring a massive added-valuable experience for the development of our industry.

“We also need to keep driving these propositions that have got with versions of Hybrid and Virtual events, because I feel very much that they are going to be the next face, they are going to become more and more valuable and I think we need to start demonstrating those. Simply because if you have an in person event and you don’t invite anybody else virtually then you are saying goodbye to all of those people that have been your strong supporters for the last year.”

  • 2021 presents transformation, a new innovative mindset is on-demand, an acceleration in virtual experiences versus face-to-face. Customization of the member´s journey, the creation of experiences that facilitate change, excellent education, connections, backed up / supported by the  N. 1  Association for Meetings and events professionals in the world. MPI is seeking to deliver the first European Meeting and Event Conference that will be a 100%  digital experience strategic to present  a high- quality digital production without sacrificing any of the experiential elements: excellent education, important connections, great entertainment, participatory activities and designed exclusively to that audience that become critically important.
  • The bar continues to get set higher and higher for events and meeting planners, organizers also for MPI that keeps constantly and persistently finding new paths for inspiration, innovation collaboration to keep on advocating and standing up for members of  the  meetings and events industry by designing the industry’s top events.

BMB endevours to  inspire and incentive the Meetings and Events community to join to “MAKE YOUR FUTURE” at EMEC  planned to be hold on JUNE 15, 2021. The Europeans professionals are given an extraordinary opportunity, an essential platform a “one stop spot” to switch to a new era of transferable concepts, in-depth connection resources that strengthen partnerships while facilitating the acquisition of new mandatory leadership skills necessary to be successful in business changing and replacing existing ones. Meeting for personalized experiences carried out with, by and for Europe and with all those fearless professionals that will make a difference, will mark their future, contributing to a great recovery by developing together.

MPI has 12 European chapters and clubs and nearly 1,000 members in Europe.70 chapters in 75 countries around the world, a global community of 60,000 meetings and events professionals, including 15,000 committed members. An extremely interesting conceptual event for MPI the world´s leading association for meetings and events professionals .

“There is so much on offer in terms of joining the association that comes from being able to share experiences and talk to people that understands you that really know what you are doing because not everybody does. It can be quite lonely being an event planner so it’s basically to join in tapping to this kind of networker people that just help each other, coming together they help them through connections, through ideas, they help them through learning and they embrace everybody.

 “We´ve got people with senior levels, we´ve got students with another level, we´ve got faculty in the middle so everybody is in this ecosystem of the events sector. If you are feeling or if anyone has been feeling not sure where to go, don’t know what to do, then join the event, if anybody is feeling a really need to know more about what´s going on then join, and if you are just feeling like don’t wanting to be alone then join as well.

Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions exclusive interview with Mr. Paul Cook, an outstanding chance to listen to wise answers that provides detailed information an overall analysis, that invite to a reflection on the fundamental role that digital contents, new-fangled strategies, platforms and connections are currently playing in the transformation of our industry, in the  creation of smart solutions and functional resources essential tools when designing and  executing standing out of the crowd meetings and events.

“EMEC is really accessible, all you need is a simple web link and then just paying a very  small admission fee you can access to this amazing content, so the price is really really low and the  value is massive. Because we are curating every single piece of this, there is no extra words being used and even when it comes for sponsors and partners we are curating what´s going on with them, because we are making a program, we are making a virtual production and it is different to the rest.”

“There´s so many reasons to join, you meet people for life that you will never forget because on MPI events wherever is education, networking wherever is just hanging out with people or to know what´s new and I could go on forever but seriously there´s so many good reasons why you should get involved in this new project in EMEC 2021.”

Full Interview with Mr. Paul Cook, also available on YouTube: