‘The Standouts BL&V Talk Show MAG’ ~ 2022 Q2&Q3 ~ Preview Limited Edition~

At Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions, we anticipate pulling together bundle of stories that speaks to challenge, opportunity and the transformative power of hope to welcome heartily uncertainty without fear as we look forward to encompass a pragmatic analysis and referential showcase ‘The Standout BL&V Talk Show Mag’.

Welcome the second quarter and the month of May by planning new business in venues with character those capable of hosting product launches and many other corporate events. The months of Q2 stand for many things; it could be seen as re-birth  for some, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel for others, but for all of us it’s mostly about re-strategizing in order to achieve certain dreams and goals before the end of the spring. May brings with it a fresh feel one of diversification , array of choice and new initiatives; from business travel to F&B, so we are developing an increased expectation for more individual solutions to fulfill our needs. This is especially the case in Europe but also in global markets where a host of new developments, attractions and luxury venue openings add to the ever-changing landscape.

As Boutique MICE Business Multimedia Productions’ best representative, I feel very thrilled and stimulated to present a preview of inspirational content to accompany each and every professional who wishes to watch, listen and benefit from important insights gathered OTS (On The Spot). This all-encompassing year 2022 feels like another chance and the fifth month of the year is always full of entrepreneurial projects, all engaged in enjoyable activities. Q2 keeps on opening the gateway to a contemporary generation of experiences, a lively stage for business meetings, incentives and events for conferences and exhibitions. The world is united and we will move forward with perseverance, dedication and passion by cooperating and engaging with each other as global citizens.

Whatever it is for you, it’s another day, it’s spring. Q1 2022, represented months of opportunities to March on with meaning and purpose in the midst of our busy lives, an important mission to which a large majority aspires to and would like to accomplish. Now, as we embark on the peak season together, “MAY the force be with you.” Again this year, we asked and continue to ask leading global and European executives to provide their views and opinions on important issues facing the industry.

‘The Standouts BL&V Talk Show Mag’ is a bespoke in-depth, in-action multimedia production that highlights and promotes elevated experiences. An interactive platform that covers charismatic Brands that shine distinctively, communicates the passion of experts, “curators”, entrepreneurs and business Leaders who modernize concepts for experimental MICE seekers & emphasizes the pivotal role of preeminent Venues while analyzing positioning, changing practices, also trends but specially it reflects a clear and common goal; to provide a customized & top quality service, to create remarkable long-term business relationships as well as partnerships with consumers and buyers. The thoughts and comments that make up the expert opinion section portrayed in the Spring/Summer 2022 preview issue of ‘The Standouts BL&V Talk Show Mag’ that we are delighted to share with you today, come from BMB’s live meetings.

Uplifting stories and in-depth reports on complex topics that connect ordinary people with the best ideas and business minds. Determination, admiration, passion and hard work is what makes projects come true. BMB Multimedia Productions conveys real stories of Brands, Leaders & Venues to delight, accompany and contribute to the fascinating time we have left to live in the MICE Business. We are very grateful to the Meetings & Events collective as well as to those who cooperate with us by providing substantial support on a regular basis; for your generous contributions, for giving us the opportunity to share & explore plans, present & business.

There’s no shortage of amazing stories to tell and that is true this year perhaps more than any other. It’s time for Boutique MICE Business Talk Show Mag preview. MAY you all enjoy the rundown of BMB’s next bespoke production ‘THE STANDOUTS BL&V’ LIMITED EDITION!