Over the last years, Portugal popularity as a holiday destination has grown massively. The country has held the ‘World’s Leading Destination’ title for last three years. Because of this, many of Europe’s new boutique hotel are deciding to grow roots in the Portuguese country.

This year’s most awaited opening is the 5-star boutique hotel ‘Herdade Praia do Canal’ which will be ready to receive visitors from summer 2020. This 220-hectare complex will offer exclusive features like fine dining starring the best of the Mediterranean cuisine and a library to indulge in a book whilst looking onto the Atlantic. The project, lead by the Madeiran holding Leacock, is valued in 11 million euros.

Its location is the most distinguishing feature. The hotel is found inside the Vicentine Coast Natural Park in Alzejur, with private access to the outstanding Praia do Canal. The venue has been strategically designed to bond tourists and nature, with activities like trekking, horse-riding, and stargazing. Sustainability is a crucial aspect too, as they plan to produce their own honey and grow vegetables and fruits.

Credit: André Farinha

Alberto Reynolds, director of Leacock, has also pointed out the importance of ‘social sustainability’. The greatest Portuguese designers will be in charge of the hotel’s decoration, and Leacock plans to collaborate with local artists and handcrafters in the future. This hotel is all about finding luxury in peace and nature.