Patchi is a chocolate factory founded in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1974 by Nizar Choucair, an entrepreneur who discovered his love for chocolate at the age of eleven. Patchi chocolate owes its success to the unique combination of international savvy and know-how that figures prominently as one of the largest global brands in the chocolate industry.

The brand identity unfolds in a creative, modern and trendy style that reflects distinctive and fine quality. Premium chocolate is a celebration of different fillings, ranges, shapes and sizes. Each chocolate is innovatively, hand-wrapped and decorated. It offers more than 80 flavors and the ability to create unique and bespoke packages. Premium range of products, a wide range of flavors that goes from loose chocolate to prepackaged boxes, as well as imaginative made-to-measure arrangements. 

Today, Patchi continues to add a characteristic touch of exclusivity and creativity. Extending their collection of chocolate offerings by creating exclusive flavors specially made for you and your clients. Chefs can create delectable pieces from cream-filled truffles, rich pralines, and other delicious pieces. The Maison is typified by elegance, handmade creations, unique collections and a made-to-measure flair. As the creator of the Chocolate Gifting Concept in the Middle East, Patchi has been a regional trendsetter since 1974. Today it is one of the most innovative companies in the Middle East and continues to expand in Africa, Asia, the European Union and  North America. 

Patchi is a premium brand with a distinctive heritage, the company owns today, a network of more than 200 boutiques spread across over 30 different countries various countries around the world. With its largest presence in the Middle East offering an exclusive and grand experience of the magnificence of chocolate Gifting. Including online stores for key markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Lebanon.


A proactive brand that has been one of the top three chocolate brands in Harrods London for three years in a row and has opened a pop-up store at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Michigan. Patchi expanded its business to F&B with secret recipes, a family business that operates similarly to multinationals with a centralized office that caters to the entire brand and business demands, whether owned or franchised. Patchi has managed factories in five countries in the Middle East: Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates. There were many developments within the brand taking it from being a destination for chocolate gifts to being the home of the finest chocolate.  

As a corporate traveler, you can express your gratitude and enhance your business relationships with elegance. The Patchi experience is a sensational retail concept, a luxury brand renowned worldwide for its delicious premium chocolate, it has become the ultimate destination for chocolate gifts. Superior design, handmade and savory craftsmanship art. An assortment of more than  40 varieties of chocolate, the brand keeps an eye on trends changing and market needs; depending on demand, it may adapt as long as it is aligned with the business core, namely chocolate. 

Patchi chocolates do not contain preservatives or artificial flavors. The company focuses on manufacturing quality artisan products from the best raw materials and recipes. The recipes are exclusive to Patchi and have been carefully created by expert chefs and chocolate specialists to match the ever-changing trends and palates of its customers.

The result is the best quality chocolate with superior taste. Explore the distinguished world of exclusive Patchi chocolates. Impress company directors, executives and clients with business chocolate corporate gifts.

When it comes to Corporate Gifting, Patchi is the right choice for all your promotional and corporate gift needs. Explore the high end chocolate corporate and executive luxury gifts customized to special occasions like your company’s anniversary. Whether it is product launch, customer relations, holidays or branding campaigns, Patchi designers will work with your marketing and branding professionals to customize the package to your needs.

The business customization capabilities are limitless, it is globally known for its customize chocolate lines, which the company produces to cater  global brands and businesses. Fully branded, logo placement on a piece of chocolate, box or a package a unique gift items to fit  your event. The firm has evolved a brand development strategy based on elegant and innovative packaging and a customized product. Patchi offers unique, yet fancy and attractive chocolate gifts all about chocolate perfection, and they all represent a passion for creating extraordinary chocolates. All products are handcrafted with high-quality ingredients and are carefully arranged and packaged in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to ensure a wide selection.

Patchi focuses on the design, presentation and quality of its products. Since each customer-ordered and tailored box of chocolate has a personalized message printed on the lid, each item has a great sense of individuality. Make the best impression with Patchi unique corporate chocolate gifts that will please your clients and employees, customized with your logo and branding. Give a gift your business partners and clients will appreciate.

What’s better way to do so other than delighting their senses with a Patchi Chocolate gift.

As a luxury Boutique & Lifestyle hospitality or MICE director you could enhance your business with Patchi a world leading brand for chocolate and Luxury  gifting for special corporate occasions. It is a premium brand with a distinctive heritage offering a variety of chocolates for various occasions, balancing between quality, luxury, and modernity, Brand development and distinctive packaging. The company offers these refined hand-wrapped boxes with creative accessories as the perfect gift for any occasion or celebration with a range of imaginatively devised brands.

Patchi understands the importance of the brand and is here to take your corporate image one step further. The corporate variety of products covers everything, down to the finest detail, like the ribbon. The ribbon can be in your corporate colors and have your logo. The ribbon has the power to transform the look of a gift, so tailoring it to your company’s identity has a great impact.

– Business Gifts

– Brand marketing for events

– Trade Show marketing giveaways

– Welcome gifts for guests

– Welcome gifts for new employees

– Human Resources-on hand for all employee milestones (birthday’s, work anniversary, job well done, etc.)

– Token gift for meetings

– Charity functions

– Ice Breaker for salesman

– ‘Thank you’ for clients

– Team Spirit-sports teams, colleges, community groups, private clubs

– Office treats (bank teller window, waiting rooms)


– Turndown

– Lobby

– Guest check in/check out gift

– Concierge

– VIP suite gifts

– Special event-gift for wedding party from hotel

– Wedding favors

– Gift shop within hotels-retail (souvenir from the hotel)

– Restaurant (small custom piece with end of meal check)

– Offer to guests for THEIR custom event (wedding/team meeting)

The brand ensures that quality standards are maintained by obtaining premium quality raw materials and is currently developing a new line of chocolates that will appeal to health-conscious chocolate lovers.

This makes a gift from Patchi a statement of generosity and a reflection of the art of living. L’art de vivre.