Every year, more and more companies around the world are joining the sustainable movement. Actions like banning single-use plastic seem to be increasingly popular in the business industry. The corporate world is undergoing a crucial transformation and the world’s leading companies are setting an example. This year, green is the new black.

40% of European corporations have experienced benefit as a result of becoming more environmentally friendly. As well as offering an image of transparency and responsibility, these initiatives can lead to more efficient business processes. However, achieving these goals can be difficult if a company’s role involves travelling often.

In 2019, aeroplanes produced 915 million tons of CO2, an alarming figure that threatens to grow even more. This is why, when possible, companies should avoid flying their personnel out and videoconference as an alternative.

However, flying is sometimes unavoidable. In this situation, corporate travellers should try to use direct routes, because flying non-stop avoids extra landings and take-offs. Another tip is travelling lighter since scientific research proves that the aeroplane’s load can significantly increase its fuel consumption. Many airlines now offer passengers the option to donate to neutralise their carbon emissions.

When it comes to accommodation, green boutique hotels and sustainable MICE venues are becoming an increasingly popular choice among corporate travellers. Look out for LEED-approved hotels to ensure the lowest environmental impact during your business trip. Moving around a city using public transport is another great way to do this.