Interview in Spanish with

Mr. Alvaro Entrialgo de Castro, General Manager.

“For us, the MICE industry is very important, we do not only have natural enclaves but also great facilities, we can offer coverage to any type of event.”

There is no doubt that Asturias has tremendous growth potential and is an attractive Boutique destination for the meetings and events industry, as well as for Bleasure travelers.

 “The people here in Asturias are hospitable, transparent and authentic. That feeling is transferred.”

“We combine natural, fresh, healthy products from the land, including both the sea and the mountains which arrive almost immediately to the table but also at really competitive prices.”

“In Asturias, I would say that obviously we have a global concept of natural spaces, for many the reference point are Picos de Europa and the Lakes of Covadonga, but there are many other corners here that one never ends up discovering.”

To learn more about Castillo del Bosque de La Zoreda, a 5-star property, spectacular venue due to the uniqueness of its infrastructure, a palace that has been recognized among the 25 best luxury hotels in Spain, offering personalized services as well as outstanding strategically located facilities. BMB multimedia productions put questions to its Management Team in Asturias, Spain.

“The best way to guarantee satisfaction is that hospitality and a vocation for five-star service is not a rule, but a way of understanding life.

“It is a very simple message for young people who want to join this business, this is a wonderful industry but like any other, you have to put your whole heart into it. If you do it every day, you will no longer have a job but a lifestyle.”

“In any movement that takes place within the hotel, the client must see a smile and a positive attitude and so far we are achieving it.

 “There are so many things to discover in Asturias, no matter how many times you come, that you will always discover a different corner. All this with a smile, because if there´s something that characterizes Asturians, it is the kindness of its people.”